When all your youth is but memories And the years bring parting of the ways These are the times we shall dream about And we’ll call them the good old days.

Past Shows

28 Aug 2017

The first rehearsal for our next show is on 10th September at 2.15

10 Aug 2017

Next years show is on from Tuesday 13th Feb 2018 until Saturday 17th Feb at the Wilde Theatre.
Tickets will go on sale in the Autumn

1 Feb 2015
17 Jan 2015

Sounds like a bargain.
Well thats how much they were back in 1977.
I remember delivering this¬†flier to houses in Easthampstead. I’ve still got some I didn’t hand out!

17 Jan 2015

Camberley Civic Centre
Act 1
1 The Opening
2 Where the West is Wild
3 Whittington
4 Testing the Scout Car
5 Opera Time
6 Shadows
7 The Chinese Legend
8 Choirboys
9 ?
10 Moulin Rouge
Act 2
1 Alicante
2 Farewell Music Hall
3 On the Phone
4 Candlelight
5 Goodbye Mr Chips
6 The Refugees
7 I See Red
8 Ladies Choral Society
9 The Finale