8 Nov 2022

The story of our Gang Show starts over 50 years ago. Back in the 1960’s Richard, a leader with 1st Easthampstead Scout  Group took part in a couple of the original London Gang Shows, directed by Ralph Reader. Richard was desperate to put on his own gang show and in 1969, he produced his first show. Called “Where there’s a Will there’s a Way”. 
After the success of this show, the district asked Richard to put on a gang show for the district and our show was born.
Richard was helped by Shirley …

21 Feb 2015
19 Jan 2015

Rehearsals for The 2023 have started.  All the Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Guides are rehearsing the Gang show favourite – “We’re riding along on the Crest of a wave”. Tickets are still available – please contact the Wilde Theatre box office for details.

17 Jan 2015

This excerpt is from the 1983 show at Camberley.
It’s from an item called “Its a beautiful thing to go nowhere”. Other items in the 1983 show were Romeo and Juliet, Bill in “Strolling”, In the Navy and for the 1st time ever “The Space Oddity” with Dr Who and the Daleks.

17 Jan 2015

Sounds like a bargain.
Well thats how much they were back in 1977.
I remember delivering this flier to houses in Easthampstead. I’ve still got some I didn’t hand out!

17 Jan 2015


17 Jan 2015

From the 2013 Show


14 Jan 2015